4 Happiness Hacks for a Fulfilled Life: A Cheat Sheet Disappearing Fear


Last week, I was named as one of The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 40 under 40. It’s quite an honor.

During their photo shoot for the event, they asked us to write a word or two about the essence of our message. They asked me to say the thing that inspires me the most.

happiness hacks

I wrote… Free Yourself.

It inspires me just to write it to you today. Nothing moves me more or brings more joy to my heart than watching people free themselves from the imagined constraints of life.

I believe that anything is possible for us, and that when we’re fulfilling our OWN dreams for ourselves, we are simultaneously cutting fear off at the knees.

It takes a brazen kind of THIS IS MY LIFE approach to keep moving through all it takes to manifest a real level of fulfillment as you are making your dreams come true.

It’s not just accomplishment we’re going for here—the whole game changes when you seek fulfillment.

See, I think it takes courage—the ability to see through the heart—to face the constructs that get created and propped up in the mind.

Fears are hollow when you face them. They crumble easily when you move past them with passion. They’re happy when you cut them off at the knees—as fears are always illusions—or boxes, really—and you can’t live life from a box.

Perhaps, initially, fears get installed as “babysitters” to keep the world small, contained, manageable for someone else. Maybe even the part of you that likes to take care of you keeps your fears employed—but you don’t need taking care of.

You need to manifest YOUR dreams.

Life is only REALLY lived when you’re outside your boxes of comfort and illusion.

You aren’t here to play small. You are here to live your one, true, beautiful life. Oh, and it has an expiration date.

No one knows when that is, exactly. But you know, deep in your heart of hearts, if you’re winning at YOUR game of YOUR OWN life.

You know, by whether or not your achievements carry with them the power of fulfillment.

Here are the 4 things I do to make sure I’m winning at the game of living MY fulfilling life:

4 Amazing Happiness Hacks to get to YOUR Fulfilled Life

1. Give Yourself Permission

hands in waterI think about all the fears I’ve chosen to face, and all the dreams—MY dreams—not just the dreams other people had for me—that I’ve given myself permission to dream into being.

I think that chalkboard I danced with in the photo shoot, saying “FREE YOURSELF” is a kind of permission slip I’m always dancing with.

There’s nothing more beautiful, more attractive (in the ways of the laws of attraction) than something free.

Give yourself permission to free yourself to follow YOUR dreams.

2. Go Where You Want to Go, Do What You Want to Do

man in canoeI think of my head for numbers. I think back to my childhood, when I was often referred to as a “nerd,” because it wasn’t cool to get good grades.

I think a lot about being a female financial planner in an industry that’s dominated by men.

I’m proud of the fact that I am one of the only independent woman owned and women operated Registered Investment Advisory firms in the country. I think I’m the only one in San Jose—which is the tenth most populous city in the country.

It is empowering to me to be a woman reclaiming what used to be called a “man’s” world—to be redefining what it is and to be someone who is making available to women the same kinds of I’ve-got-your-back service, market knowledge and investment know-how that, until now, has largely been designed and offered in ways that only made sense to men.

I’m proud to be, in my way, redistributing wealth, power and know how, and helping women to be free of worry and fear as we create financial sustainability in our lives..

Here’s an article from Institutional Advisor, that tells the story of women in the financial industry.

Go where you want to go, because the call is the call to rise up.

Do what you want to do, because the desires in your heart are the desires of the world around you.

The crazy thing about living the life YOU design for yourself is this: once you’ve done it, everyone around you will say that’s what they always wanted for you.

They won’t necessarily say that when destroying the boxes they helped you construct to keep you “safe”—but once you are safe, happy, fulfilled, living your own life, they’ll likely tell you that where you are now was always where they “knew” you’d end up….

3. Let Yourself Know What You Know

350[2]I think a lot about not yet being 40, and working with people who have already amassed their fortunes—my job being to help them protect that revenue, make an informed, smart, logistical plan for retirement disbursements, and keep that money invested so that it can continue to generate income long after regular earnings (ie: paychecks) have ceased.

Even in my formative years in this industry, I know that women are key to making the right long term financial plans for a family.

There hasn’t been a lot of support for this position—and It has been difficult to get wives to “Lean In” at the table when their husbands have, typically, been the ones to hire financial advisor services.

But I know it’s essential for both people in a marriage to be active in forming and managing their financial plan. I know that everyone who uses money needs to know something about how it works and how to put it to work in service of manifesting your dreams. There’s no way to know fulfillment without HER input.

And, after a few short years in this industry, I knew that people with a million dollars and more to invest aren’t always financially free.

There is a lot of shame and guilt and embarrassment around having what others deem as “too much” money. People who have money often fear that they will lose it.

And there are no support groups for people with too much money and fear.

I knew that if I wanted to help people get financially free, even people who already have enough dollars in their bank accounts but can’t emotionally be financially free yet, that where I needed to go with people is to their psychology… their hearts.

I hung my own shingle so that I could do something about what I know that I know.

I set out to revolutionize the industry starting with just my company.

Now I’m using my own secret sauce to do what I do, which is to make a difference in people’s lives, in the way my customers want it, not the way my industry wants it.

I know what I know because I used my tips, tools, tricks and strategies in my own life—to transform my “weakness” of over-spending into a powerful system of financial transformation.

I know that anything is possible—because I’ve transformed my own financial life.

I know anything is possible—because I’ve made financial plans with my clients that work.

I know anything is possible, because I’ve started a business that no one else can do like I do—and I made it to help people free themselves.

4. Wake Up Every Day Aligned with the Possibility of Something Greater


For me, it’s simple. I wake up, everyday, wanting to help one more person be financially free.

That overwhelming desire helps me order my priorities and make sure I’m meeting with people who have financial freedom at stake.

See, I know, and am inspired by this vision: a world where everyone in it has enough.

I know that together, as we free ourselves, there is more—more to earn, more to save and invest, more to share, more to give, more than enough.

In the comments below, let me know what you do to find fulfillment and disappear your fears…

PS) Here’s a link to The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s article about my place on the 40 under 40 list of Top Achievers.

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