Who will be taking this course with me?

  • Overall it will be a group of people just like you!  People who want to change their habits and thoughts around money so that they can begin to live the life they want without worry.
  • It will be a rare 20 year old that takes this course–but they would be a smart one!  It’s likely that the average age of your colleagues in this course will be 35-50.
  • We anticipate that the class will be made up mostly of women and encourage you to watch it with your spouse, if you have one, so that you can learn together how to get your finances in check.

Why should I listen to Hilary’s advice?

  • Aside from having a talent for simplifying complicated issues for people, especially when it comes to money, Hilary is a financial advisor and strategist who combines neuroscience, behavioral psychology and linguistics to foster better money-making decisions, as well as future planning. 

Will I be able to ask Hilary questions if I am confused about something?

  • Yes! Hilary and her faculty will be checking in on the members only Facebook page to answer any questions as well as hosting a Q&A session every 2 weeks throughout the course.

Is any special software required to watch the videos/ download the content?

  • No special software is required. You will be asked to download certain documents for the homework (excel sheets /PDF documents) 

After the course is done will I be able to still access the videos and materials?

  • Yes! Once you take the course, you will become a member for life and you can take the course as many times as it’s offered. You will continue to receive updates and you will receive changes as the course is revised.  You have the option to “opt out” of receiving these changes, too.  The point is, once you join The Academy you are welcome back ANY time so that you can continue to reinforce YOUR RICH RETIREMENT realizations.

You said there was homework…. how long will that take me?

  • Simply put- the more you you put in to it the more you will get out of it! Most videos are around an hour long and the homework will take some time, but we can’t tell you exactly how long, it really depends on how much thought and time you put in to getting the most out of the exercises.

How is the course taught?

  • We know you are busy, so while the core course is focused on a series of easy to follow videos that you can watch in the comfort of your own home, or  download the audio files to listen while in the car. You can also download the transcripts to read in bed.
  • A curriculum focused around understanding your money operating system and how to utilize that to rewire how you use money to live the life you love.

What will I really get out of this course?

  • An automatic job title upgrade! : “You are the CEO of your Personal Financial Future Corporation and the mission of your entire organization is to build up riches that will provide enough income for you and your loved ones to live well, and leave the legacy you want to leave.”

Disclaimer : We offer a no guarantee guarantee for your actual financial results. We provide information, education, the experience you create for yourself inside YOUR RICH RETIREMENT course offerings. WE DO NOT AND CAN NOT guarantee anything more than content delivery for this course.

We do, however, offer a full refund if, after 30 days of your full participation in the course, you request it. Please note we will ask to show that you have fully participated by submitting all completed homework assignments for the 30 days you were enrolled.