Learning How to Talk Money With Your Honey

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Money Operating SystemsTM are very simple, very basic, very controlling beliefs about money that influence all financial behaviors. You may have something very sophisticated sounding that you say to yourself or other people NOW, but that’s always on top of something pretty elementary. (See Money OS article here).
Now that you have a basic understanding of common Money Operating SystemsTM, you can begin to see how yours controls your interactions.

From belief flows conversation and then action and then results, nearly 100% of the time in that order. For example, you negotiating your salary with your employer is a conversation, but how you behave in that conversation is a function of your beliefs and feelings about the conversation. That conversation led to an action called the writing of the offer letter and subsequently a result called the numbers on your paycheck.

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My husband and I talk openly and lovingly about money, but it hasn’t always been that way! I can’t wait to share with you the lessons I’ve learned in my own life about how to ensure that finances are a strength in your partnership.

Money is still one of the #1 relationship stressors, and even one of the top causes of divorce, but financial struggles can be avoided using the simple techniques I teach to both understand your partner and be understood.

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So, Why DON’T We Talk About Money, Honey?

A recent poll revealed that 61% of more than a thousand affluent people claim they’d rather talk about politics and their health than talk about money. 

Also, according to Wells Fargo, 33% of Americans are more worried about their financial health than they are about their physical health, and 40% call money “the biggest stress issue” in their lives.

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Talking about money is still one of the top relationship stressors

Part of the work I’m doing is to create safe spaces where people can be free to talk about money. Spaces where we can dialogue, share, collaborate and support one another in our journeys toward financial happiness.

But I have found that inviting people to share and talk about money often simply invites silence—if not awkwardness.

So, I finally just asked a group of female business owners I know: “Where and with whom do you discuss money?”

My question was met with blank stares.