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One of the more common laments I hear about money is, “How can I take charge of my money?”

But how can you take charge of your money when most of what you think about money is just superstition?

How to take control of your money

It seems reasonable to assert that if you want to create mastery in your relationship to money, you first need to, at the very least, understand its basic nature. But most of us don’t. 

We all have strongly held beliefs about money, but most of us have no idea what money actually is.

Alibaba IPO: 3 Secrets About Highly Hyped IPOs

On the same day Alibaba stock goes public on Wall Street in the US for the first time, I will be a few blocks away in New York City at the first ever National Financial Advisors Week. 

I’ll be on a panel discussing “How to Talk Money with Honey”—and other people, thousands of people, will be riding the waves from opening to closing bell with the Alibaba IPO.

Hilary Hendershott says JUST SAY NO to the Alibaba IPO

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves is an 18th century tale. For Investors in 2014, the highly hyped Alibaba IPO is a JUST SAY NO!

Choosing the Investors Team

I suppose it’s important to take a moment to consider who will be riding this wave—and for the most part, there will be two teams: the Investor team and the Trader team (which includes insiders).

How to End Overdraft Fees Once and For All

Overdraft fees are expensive and annoying. I haven’t had to pay one in several years now, and I’d love it if you never had to pay them again, either. 

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Imagine all the money you can save when you don’t get hit with overdraft fees anymore!

But you are the one who will have to take action so I can have what I want: for you to never pay overdraft fees again.

Are you in?

There was a time in my life I was plagued by overdraft fees from the bank.

They used to really tick me off, because once you have one overdraft fee they can just pile up on each other if you keep making charges.

Overdraft fees must represent a good portion of the bank’s profits, so let’s agree together to get on the NO MORE OVERDRAFT FEES TRAIN.

So, How Can You Put a Stop to Overdraft Fees?

Why Market Predictions Are Worthless

By the third week of January each and every new year, we all read our share of market predictions. Predictions are made about the housing market, the economy, the upcoming election cycle, the stock market and any and everything else for the newest new year.

market predictions, Nouriel Roubini, Dr. Doom, Hindsight Bias, January Effect

Ever wondered why the same pundits who make predictions never show you how accurate they’ve been?

We all love to believe that there is an elite group of folks who possess the uncanny ability to do the impossible: predict the future. Yet, when we pass by the palm reader with her crystal ball, we almost never give her the time of day.

Why Most Predictions Will Always Be Wrong

7 Reasons Not to Buy Real Estate

Thinking about buying real estate? If I can show you compelling reasons not to buy real estate, would you reconsider?

buy real estate, investment real estate, real estate vs. stocks, diversification

Real estate can be overwhelming

Ultimately, you have to choose for yourself, but you should decide whether or not to buy real estate on your own terms. Don’t make one of the largest financial choices of your life based on something society says you should do.

When I purchased my first condo, I couldn’t have been more proud. I felt responsible. Successful. Even important.

I thought I was on my way.

But things didn’t go as I planned. I was working in a commission-only sales job, and the bottom fell out of the financial markets just after I closed escrow.

SMART MONEY: Maturing Your Money Mind

Starting out, we all make lots of money mistakes. As we grow, get smart, mature, change, so does the way we interact with and understand our money.

money maturity, smart money, George Kinder

Being smart with your money helps you take control and grow your wealth.

We get smart with our money.

Over time we stop overspending.

If we ever traded on margin, or went to a casino thinking we could change the rate of our “making rent” fate, we stop. Smart money wisdom gets accumulated in our bank account of pain points that result from dreaming big and falling short.

How do you know when you’re out of “financial potty training” and onto an awareness of your  smart money maturation that can serve your grown up concerns?

Cynk or Swim, Greed is Not Your Friend

Cynk Technology Corp. stock (CYNK), is getting a lot of attention these days for being a penny stock that took investors on a wild ride. Underlying this hot news story, though, is a very human story about emotions and investing and greed that savvy investors should understand.

CYNK stock, Cynk or swim, penny stocks

Emotions often lead investors astray.

6 Steps to Plan Effectively for Your Company IPO

If your company is planning to go public soon, life at the office is probably pretty exciting right now. A company IPO can come with media fanfare, excitement, and lots of public interest.

Company IPO, sudden money, going public, financial windfall

Plan effectively and your IPO just might have you sailing off into the sunset.

Especially here in Silicon Valley, sometimes it seems like people are more interested in a company IPO than in a World Cup game!

So let’s take a look at the things you need to understand to make yourself successful in a company IPO.